Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage Corrugated Box Manufacturing
Food and Beverage Corrugated Box Manufacturing

BC BOX Manufacturing Ltd. design and manufacture corrugated boxes for the Food & Beverage industry. Our Food & Beverage Boxes are available in different styles and in either custom full color prints or plain white or brown boxes. Current food and beverage customers include dozens of national and hundreds of local companies that supply frozen and packaged foods, meat, dry goods, pizza and packaged goods restaurants, grocery stores, and several other food related distribution facilities worldwide.

Our nationally recognized clients widely appreciate Food & Beverage Boxes for our high quality board and always on–time delivery. Food and beverage companies continually rely on dependable, high quality packaging to ensure the safe transportation, storage and dispensing of their product. BC BOX Manufacturing Ltd. is commitment to safety, sustainability, new technology and product development has gained the confidence of food and beverage manufacturers, processors and suppliers worldwide.

We use our in-house, high-strength paper to make pizza boxes that are strong, well-presented and recyclable. Customers can either go for one of our generic box designs, or one that’s custom-made – either in full colour, or with a more basic print.

Flexibility is a key in the food and beverage market. Our systems allow us to design, manufacture, and deliver inventory to meet seasonal and demand-driven consumer markets. JIT, zero inventory, and our low prices all allow our customers to remain hyper-competitive in the food and beverage industry where margins are razor thin.

BC BOX Manufacturing Ltd. are also experts in beverage product packaging. We manufacture a wide range of different wine & drinks boxes, cartons and carry packs to die-cut wraparounds for protection and distribution of soft drink cans and bottles.