Our Advantage

In a market place where several companies are essentially offering the same product, and where quality tends to be noticed only when it is poor, BC Box stands out from, and above the competition by looking after the fundamentals:


By investing in the best machinery, buying our raw materials carefully, and ensuring that everyone at BC Box is committed to quality, we keep tight control of the…

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BC Box Company offers a broad line of corrugated products from the most complex full color custom items to the simplest of plain stock boxes any shape or style.

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Of course our efforts to deliver our key values would all be in vain if we weren’t able to back them up with sensible prices.

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So a partnership with BC BOX isn’t just about buying boxes. It’s about building a relationship with a knowledgeable,trusted, committed source; adding value to your business; and actively contributing to your success in themarketplace.

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