An Eye Toward Economy and Efficiency

Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing

Of course our efforts to deliver our key values would all be in vain if we weren’t able to back them up with sensible prices. Running an efficient operation which is managed by the family and having significant buying power from North –American mills with rebates allows us to sell our products competitively, without compromising on quality or service.

Our ability to order in large volume of paper supplies directly from the mills allows us to buy at very competitive prices. We in turn pass these savings to our customers by offering them great prices. And, because we create our packaging solutions all in-house, we can control costs, operations and lead-times to more efficiently produce your packages. In addition, contract pricing and volume rebates make BC BOX Manufacturing Ltd. the only choice for companies who are serious about cutting costs on packaging.

Our business philosophy is “We don’t do transactions, we focus on relationships and how our customers can make more money.  If they do, we do too.


BC Box Manufacturing Ltd. Delivers
BC Box Manufacturing Ltd. Delivers

We also understand the importance of delivering our product when it is required. With our own and contracted transport service, we ensure the goods are delivered exactly how and when they are needed and in the same condition as when they left the factory.

You will never hear an excuse from BC BOX Manufacturing Ltd. – because as a company, we believe there is always an option. If you are stuck with low inventory or get an unexpected order, call us and we’ll figure out a way to help you get through the crisis.

We offer aggressive packaging consolidation programs and accurate inventory management practices – minimizing cost to you and maximizing your bottom line.

Our convenient central location of the Lower mainland in the fastest growing city of Surrey, ensure quick and efficient delivery of your packaging from us to you. We routinely ship to customers throughout BC and Alberta provinces of Canada as well as to the Washington State of USA.