Corrugated Box Manufacturer Service
Corrugated Box Manufacturer Service

BC BOX Manufacturing Ltd. offers a broad line of corrugated products from the most complex full color custom items to the simplest of plain stock boxes any shape or style. Whether you are a large company that requires high volume of products or a small-to-medium business that uses less resource, we’ll ensure to deliver you on time.

Our full-service packaging company handles every need effectively and efficiently with the same mission that – we do it better, faster and at a lower cost to you. From creative design through each phase of the converting process, our sales service staff, designers, operators, shippers and supervisors are trained to complete your order as specified. We are the experts in offset, flexo and digital printing and will find the right match for your printing needs and budget.

We study your operational processes and goals, paying close attention to detail. This helps us create a custom packaging plan just right for your business – every time. We place an emphasis on prompt communication with customers, suppliers and employees to quickly address any problems or special requirements.  It is a way of life to us”.  “When they call or visit, we want our friends to know we are here to help them meet and exceed the purchase order obligations.”

The responsibility for customer service rests with everyone in the company. The service and support we offer our customers must be unique in our industry.  The responsibility for customer service rests with everyone in the company. BC BOX Manufacturing Ltd. staff works as a team. That means the whole team has to succeed for any single person to be successful.

Our service motto “ Great  Work Speaks for Itself ”

“100 percent of our business comes from word of mouth. This type of marketing is absolutely priceless and it shows that doing good work, being on time, and delivering above expectations speak for itself. Your clients will never forget, and will never hesitate to sing your praises to others.”