Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.Henry Ford

Our vision is to be recognised as the most successful paper-based packaging company in its chosen market sectors.

To achieve this we will:

  • Act for the general good of the countries and communities in which we are privileged to operate.
  • Provide the safest possible natural environment, a sense of identity and a rewarding career opportunity for our employees.
  • Generate the highest level of satisfaction to customers.
  • Optimise returns to the company.
Our Vision
Our Vision

Our Mission

BC BOX Manufacturing Ltd. strives to be a customer-oriented, market-led company where the satisfaction of customers, the personal development of employees and respect for local communities and the environment are seen as being inseparable from the aim of creating value for the company.


  • Entrepreneurship: we cherish entrepreneurial spirit and a decentralised management style with staff functions challenging and supporting the operations, with speed, innovation and contrarian thinking.
  • People: our goal is to recruit, develop, motivate, keep safe and retain our employees.
  • Environment: our objective is to protect the environment and progressively improve our performance on emissions to air, and discharges to water and soil.
  • Customers: we see ourselves as a service business with packaging products

We Respect Diversity

Diversity is also a fundamental value at BC BOX Manufacturing Ltd. As stated in The BC Way, this means that “we learn from and respect the cultures in which we work.” We also value “the uniqueness of individuals and the various perspectives and talents they provide.” We promote diversity within our work force and have an inclusive environment that helps each of us to fully participate and contribute to BC BOX Manufacturing Ltd. success.